Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cow is not a verb

I am often puzzled by the strange and sometimes wonderful turns taken by the English language, but there are some things that really get up my nose.

People who don't know how to use apostrophes should be banned from writing anything down. Ever. Even their own grocery lists, lest they buy pea's or mushroom's or ice cream's.

And surely natural law would dictate that the person responsible for this sign (in the window of a local cafe) would immediately be sacked. Or sued. I'm not sure what's best.

And cow. Cow is not a verb - although to be cowed is to be intimidated. So when Supernerd was playing MarioKart with the children and after colliding with a cow shouted "I've been cowed!", did I calmly explain that he was only correct if he found the cow particularly intimidating, or did I just shout back "Cow is not a verb!"?

I went for the shouty option.

And he told me to stick it in my blog.

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