Monday, September 7, 2009

Father's Day

Supernerd, I think it is fair to say, had a pretty good Father's Day this year. He got to sleep in, which can be a rare thing on a Sunday. When he stepped out of the shower there was a hot breakfast in bed waiting for him, and his presents were, for the most part, practical and useful, just like him.

He was also the recipient of many Jimi Hendrix CDs, which will be on high rotation for some time to come.

When Supernerd first got a mobile phone which was capable of using music files as ringtones he chose the beginning of Purple Haze as his ringtone. The children quickly became used to this loud and abrupt electric guitar introduction signalling an impending call.

There were times when Supernerd would be out with Mars in a noisy public place when his phone would ring in his pocket, and because Mars' head was right at pocket height he would be able to hear the ringtone, pull on Supernerd's hand and let him know he had a call.

This was some time ago, two phones distant and the ringtone has changed more than once since then. But still, every time Purple Haze comes on in the background at home or in the car, a small voice calls out "Daddy, your phone is ringing".

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  1. Sadly my hearing isn't what it once was, so I had to change my ringtone. I'm sure Jimi will understand.