Friday, September 4, 2009

Other duties as required

The phrase "other duties as required" has been included in the position description of every job I have ever held. Sometimes it has meant that I would be called on to throw a party with catering and decorations and fun things. At other times it has meant holding the hand of a patient while she had stitches removed from her other hand.

While sometimes closely related to the job and at other times wildly different from expectations, in my experience it is these things that have made my life more interesting.

The biggest job of my life, motherhood, provides daily opportunities for expanding my duties to include all kinds of unexpected things. The latest of these is this:

Mars (not his real name) went to school dressed as the Saucepan Man from The Magic Faraway Tree for Book Week, so naturally he needed a saucepan to wear on his head. I couldn't see how using a real one was going to work, so I knitted one.

Never thought I'd be knitting a saucepan!

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