Friday, April 23, 2010

It's not a footy scrum

A while back we had our neighbours around for dinner. They have a son, let's call him X-Man, who is about six months younger than Venus. X-Man, Venus and Mars get along famously and often play together.

At some time during the evening I put something in front of X-Man's mum - I can't remember what it was now. Maybe it was their dessert or maybe I gave her my phone to play with, but whatever it was she was sitting at the table and she suddenly had a veritable swarm of children around her right elbow trying to jostle their way into the best position.

She said "Woah, hold on. Stop pushing please, it's not a footy scrum."

Among the background music and all the noise the boys were making I could just make out Venus, who had obviously misheard my friend, quietly chanting to herself "tushie scrub, tushie scrub."

Serves me right for introducing the word "tushie" into her lexicon, I suppose.


  1. Back in my day we didnt have footy scrums. Scrums were for those weird folk from places like New South Wales or Queensland. And they were the only people who use words such as "Lexicon" and "whoa". Damn hippies. I could use a Tushie Scrub though. Ain't been able to reach there since The Great War.