Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zucchini meanie

A little while ago I was putting Venus to bed when she started telling me about the zucchini meanie.

Apparently her Pooh Bear wears a bodysuit to bed, just like Bumblebee, and this bodysuit is covered in pictures of animals.

She pointed to a random spot on this invisible bodysuit and told me "this is a zucchini meanie."

"Oh," I said. "What's a zucchini meanie?"

"Well, it's a lot like a giraffe, but its neck is this long (she indicated about 20cm with her hands) and its legs are this long (about the same length), and its nose is this long, as big as my hand, and its eyes are this big (about the size of a tennis ball)."

"What colour is a zucchini meanie?"

"Red. Well, the spots are red. The rest is brown because it's very dangerous so it hides in caves and gets dirty. It used to be a normal giraffe but some people treated it special, so now it's a super giraffe."

"What do you mean when you say people treated it special?"

"They gave it special food."

"Oh. What does a zucchini meanie eat?"

"Frogs... but not all frogs. Kileanie frogs."

"Kileanie frogs?"

"Yes. They're called kileanie frogs because they always lean on things."

Looks like she's been reading Dr Seuss behind my back.

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