Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The cryptic world of the X-Man

Today I picked up Mars, Venus and X-Man from school. X-Man was very excited.

"Alison, Alison, guess where I'm going tonight!"

"Where are you going, X-Man?"

"After Mummy picks me up, I'm going to conganboscos."

"I see. Do you mean taekwando?"

"No." he replies insistently. "Conganboscos. I'm going to do karate."

He is actually going to do taekwando tonight, but somehow in his little world it's really called conganboscos. But then, this is the kid who insisted for the first two weeks of school that the best part of assembly is singing "the magical lantern song", and it turned out he was referring to the National Anthem.

Then as we walked out of the school grounds X-Man explained to me that we need to stop at the edge of the road to check for cars, and that he is so good at stopping to check for cars that he is a stopping mathematician.

I'm pretty sure he meant magician, but then, it's hard to say.

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