Monday, March 8, 2010

The Bobs

Supernerd and I have never had pets together. I grew up with animals, first a dog and then several cats, we kept mice for a while and Mikey the chicken stayed with us briefly before her retirement to Nana's henhouse. But Supernerd has never been keen on having animals in the house who would shed hair and smell bad and poo everywhere.

Instead we had children.

But when we decided to get fish for Christmas Supernerd and I got quite excited, not only about surprising the children but also about finally getting pets. We researched setting up a tank on the internet so that when we got the aquarium we wouldn't look ignorant. We went to more than one aquarium to try and work out what kind of tank we should get. It was good fun, and this was all before we'd even bought any fish.

We've wound up with tropical community fish, so they should live happily together. We started out with ten neon tetras. The children agreed that it was impossible to tell them apart, so giving them ten different names would be silly.

So I named them all Bob.

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