Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blue wren

This is the blue wren who comes to visit at our kitchen window, although visit may be the wrong word. The window has a reflective coating on it so that our neighbours can't see in, but when he looks at the window he sees another blue wren. A blue wren that is trespassing on his territory, so he tries to fight it off. He flaps his wings and beats at the window. He scratches with his tiny feet to fight away his rival, and hurls his body against the glass. But all his energies are wasted because he is only fighting with his reflection.

Recently I had a problem with a friend. I mentioned it to Supernerd and his fix-it gland started working overtime. With the very best of intentions, and without asking me first, he tried to help by speaking to the person concerned, and made the whole issue much much worse. Everyone involved became very upset and, while I've spoken to the person directly since then and sorted things out, I was reminded of the blue wren.

All that anxiety and energy wasted on a stupid misunderstanding. At least we've learned from the experience.

The blue wren still comes to the window.

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